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Jagpal Singh v. Chairman Administrative Committee U.P. Milk Union & Dairy Federation Centralized Services

Review Petition – Delay of 62 days – Condoned – Application for listing Review Petition in open Court is rejected.

After considering relevant provisions, by a detailed judgment, this Court found that the order of punishment passed by the Administrative Committee was based upon correct appreciation of facts and law and did not call for any interference. Finding the decision of the High Court to be incorrect, the Appeal was allowed by this Court. The grounds raised in the Review Petition do not make out any error apparent on record to justify interference in Review Jurisdiction. This Review Petition is, therefore, dismissed. We have also gone through the application preferred by the Review Petitioner seeking initiation of action against the respondents in the Review Petition under Section 340 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The application is devoid of merit and is, therefore, dismissed.