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Veena Pandey v. Union of India

Service Law – Pension as is well known, is the deferred portion of the compensation1 for rendering long years of service. It is a hard-earned benefit accruing to an employee in the nature of property.

Service Law – Pension – the Coal Mines Pension Scheme, 1998 was framed as a measure of social security for ensuring socio-economic justice for the employees in the coal sector under the powers conferred by Section 3-E of the Coal Mines Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1948.

While considering the appellant’s case, the High Court did not however consider her entitlement on merit, but had dismissed both the Writ Petition and the LPA, citing want of territorial jurisdiction. The employment of the appellant’s husband with the respondent employer is however not in dispute. Nevertheless, for over a decade, the widow of the employee is forced to litigate to secure the pension benefits.